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The formula has been proven multiple times. However, significant power won't last long with a junkyard transmission. Thanks to the aftermarket, there are several cheap alternatives to an all-out drag transmission.

The plan was simple: Take a 4L80E and rebuild it, upgrading the common failure points. Traditional automatic transmissions, such as the TH, TH, and R4, generally max out at less than lb-ft.

GM strengthened them through their respective generations. Inthe TH gained a Fourth gear and became the R4. Init became the 4L60E, which incorporated updated technology that improved strength.

The same applied to the TH which, with the addition of an Overdrive gear, became the 4L80E in The 4L80E evolved to include more upgrades, including a stronger Overdrive sprag and hardened input shaft around The even stronger 4L85E, introduced inis rated for vehicles as heavy as 16, pounds.

The 4L60E is far more abundant in the junkyard and therefore cheaper. Many forums will tell you the numbers in the name refer to torque rating, but that's only partially true. That'll help when finding the right donor vehicle. The 4L60E is rated to hold lb-ft, and the 4L80E is good for lb-ft engine torque and up to lb-ft of output torque. Bowler Transmissions believes that an accurate torque rating of a 4L80E's internals, on a prepped track with grip, is around lb-ft, but that's with a Sonnax Smart-Tech overrun clutch valve kit.

Companies that manufacture drivetrain components such as transmissions, rear-end housings, and lockers are often dodgy about setting firm torque-capacity ratings, as many factors contribute to breakage.

That's the biggest determination," said Mark Bowler, owner of Bowler Transmissions. The McLeod performance kit is suitable for 1, lb-ft, and McLeod claims this is the only kit of its kind, a complete master kit with name-brand gaskets and performance discs.

1000 hp c6 transmission

The package includes OEM-quality National Oil seals, Farpak gaskets, Teflon-coated rings that produce a tighter seal, and a brass filter that makes for better flow and filtration.

Kolene is a treatment applied to the steel clutch packs that increases holding capacity as much as 10 percent. Both kits include Stage 1 Raybestos friction pads, which McLeod says have greater holding capacity, improved durability, and less wear than other red performance plates on the market. The plates are simple drop-ins, and they're the most significant performance improvement in the kit.

The clutches will produce a smoother engagement, cut down on operating temperatures, and enhance shift feel. The Bowler Transmissions M hardened shaft is good for 1, ft-lb and is included in all of Bowler's performance transmissions Stage 2 and up. Finally, the Sonnax Smart-Tech overrun clutch valve kit engages the overrun clutch at all times except in Overdrive 4th gearreducing the chance of an Overdrive-sprag failure. Our 4L80E came from a friend who couldn't guarantee its condition.

The McLeod kit includes an intermediate-reverse band, but not a low-reverse band. Whether or not this is a common replacement item is debatable.Worldwide Shipping Available ask for Quote. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. C6 Beast Transmission HP! Add a review. We focus on quality not quantity this is why we have so much success! New sun shell New bushings New low roller clutch and Updated bearing race to 4R the largest spray available.

We prove to our customers what products we use with a step by step Photo shoot of each performance Build we do by request you can send in photos of your ride and we will include them in the shoot and post them on our main site and Socials. Submit Your Address Before Purchasing to check for any shipping charges.

Once your transmission arrives we will inspect it and repair or rebuild it and ship it back to you at No charge for for pickup or Free Delivery Areas Only. We will call and advise you if we find any Converter installation clearances Issues and advise you how to correct it so it wont ever happend again. Feel Free to contact us for more tech info or details or changes you want made. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Rated 0 out of 5. Stall Converters. Your cart is currently empty.One thousand horsepower at the wheels—just saying it conveys a feeling of superiority.

It's even more menacing when that same Corvette makes that much power and still carries the label of street car. Don't cry foul just yet, because thanks to modern technology, LS-powered Vettes are now capable of cracking the magical 1,rwhp barrier, cruising the streets, and gulping down premium pump fuel.

We got the lowdown on two C6 Z06 rides that were recently completed for a couple of customers who wanted a no-compromise combination that could take on all challengers.

We Rebuild a Junkyard Transmission to Hold Nearly 1,000 hp

ECS tore into the cars and performed what is unofficially known as the Hardcore package. ECS tuner and front man Doug Ring lays it out simply: "This package will allow you to drive from here to Florida without a problem and still knock down mid mpg.

Ring was more than happy to open up the ECS cookbook to show off the Hardcore recipe. Cutting right to it, the combination's fundamentals are simple: a ci stroker engine with a great set of cylinder heads, an ECS supercharger system Vortech YSi-trim head unitan ample fuel supply, a mild camshaft, and a custom ECS tune.

1000 hp c6 transmission

Getting to this level of performance on the street and track didn't happen overnight. We'd be remiss if we didn't mention the research and development that took place on the company's in-house test mule, a C5 convertible that has seen countless hours on the dyno, thousands of miles on the street, and hundreds of runs down the quarter-mile.

The on-track efforts paid off, as Ring and the gang at ECS discovered the right blend of power without sacrificing driveability. This combination is sold as a package because it all works together. The lower end has extra clearance for massive stroker crankshafts, and the tall-deck version is capable of being punched out to a massive ci.

Billet main caps ensure the crank doesn't walk around under high loads. A Callies 4. The bores were opened up to 4.

Ford C6 Transmission Upgrades - Built Tough

The final displacement of V-8 engines is calculated using the formula Bore x Bore x Stroke x 6. The heads are stuffed with 2. The airflow at 0.

The exhaust side is just as impressive, as it moves cfm through the port at the same valve lift. Valve angle is listed as 12 degrees. The ECS camshaft is described as the Bigger Cam, and according to Ring, it's in the mid s for duration and under 0.

Its mild nature provides a smooth idle that isn't rough and doesn't cause bucking in the low-rpm range during part-throttle action. The car drives just like any other warmed-over, LS-powered Vette. A stock LS7 intake manifold sits on top of the engine, and air is crammed through a factory throttle body, which, according to Ring, is a big contributor to the car's mild street manners.

Forced induction plays a major roll, and ECS added its in-house supercharger system, which utilizes a Vortech YSi-trim supercharger head unit and front-mounted intercooler. Boost is set at 19 psi, and belt slippage doesn't exist, thanks to the ECS rib-pulley drive system.

The system is a progressive setup that is boost-referenced so it only sprays meth when needed. It plays a big part in these builds," adds Ring. One thousand seventy horsepower at the tires works out to approximately 1, hp at the crankshaft, and the factory ECU controls it all. The tuning is a bit more tedious, but nothing you wouldn't expect with this amount of power," says Ring. The fact that a factory computer can keep up with the demands of this kind of build is amazing.

ECS just doesn't stuff an engine under the hood; the company also adds a heavy-duty clutch from Mantic, as well as a complete fuel system to feed the beast. The suspension gets a makeover that includes a Pfadt coilover package and Pfadt Street sway bars.

Naturally, if the customer wants to go drag racing, a full rollcage is required.Engines get all the glory, but without a stout transmission backing it up even the most exotic mill is nothing more than a noisemaker. And as engines keep putting out more and more power, the transmissions backing them up start to fail on a far too frequent basis. This is especially true of automatics.

Some guys will spend big bucks getting their LS engine to churn out, or even more horsepower and then cheap out on the transmission.

What did they think was going to happen? Let me repeat, stock transmissions and that 4L60E with a shift kit really is still stock where it counts are designed to reside behind relatively stock engines.

Instead, we systematically re-engineer each model to eliminate OEM flaws and turn out transmissions that can achieve the highest levels of performance. They also perform extensive testing. We run it through all the shifts, up and down, from cold start through operating temperature. The starting point for any transmission build is the case.

PerformaBuilt uses only good cases that have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. After cleaning, the case is heated. This makes for a much stronger bond and a vastly more durable finish. The new billet output shaft from Sonnax is far stronger than the OEM shaft top. OEM five-pinion planets and a late-model ring gear are used. The result is a huge strength increase in this area of the transmission since the load is spread over a larger area.

Here you can see the four-pinion planetary right next to the stronger five-pinion version left. The sun gear bushing is then replaced with a heavier, wider version. Again, anywhere they can make improvements, they make them. They also cut grooves in the gear left to allow for better lubrication to the planetary assembly. This greatly improves what is historically a weak point in the transmission. In fact, most planetary failures can be traced back to a lack of adequate lubrication under load.

The Smart Shell is not only balanced, the lugs that lock into the Reverse input drum are cryogenically hardened for superior strength. The same cryo treatment is given to the base of the Smart Shell where the teeth mesh with the sun gear.

The OEM frictions are replaced with Raybestos Stage 1 frictions left and the number is increased from six to nine to provide substantially more engagement surface. This has been long known to be one of the weaker segments on the 4L60 series of transmissions and this modification makes for a huge improvement in performance and durability. PerformaBuilt replaces the input drum with a Sonnax Smart Tech assembly. This comes complete with a billet input shaft, which allows for the additional frictions as well as thicker steels for better heat dissipation.

The OEM type sprag is replaced with a element dual-cage BorgWarner piece; the strongest available. Of note is that the Sonnax Smart Tech drum has a hardened, bolt-on end plate that replaces the weaker OEM combination of a more flexible end plate and a simple snap ring to hold the friction module in place.

The wide carbon band they use in their builds, replacing the red band on the left, increases the holding power and engagement strength tremendously; roughly 30 percent. This results in, again, significantly increased engagement strength and holding power for the larger bands.

So many aspects of the transmission are modified or replaced because the end product is only as strong as the weakest link. The pump is upgraded to a vane rotor and a Sonnax 0. Much of what PerformaBuilt does to the valvebody is classified, but they perform a number of modifications and upgrades. There is a Sonnax shift valve upgrade, all new solenoids, and a new wiring harness.

The rest is hush-hush.The Ford Motor Company manufactured the C6 transmission between and It's quite similar to the C4 transmission, but it can deal with greater power outputs.


It was initially used in trucks and bigger cars that had large engines, but today it's primarily used in drag racing cars. As the name implies, the C6 stock transmission uses a stock torque converter and a stock pan.

It has a stall speed of 1, rpm and a two-wheel-drive slip yoke for its tail housing, but it doesn't have a hard input shaft. The horsepower of the C6 stock transmission has been measured at horsepower, while the torque has been rated at nM. The C6 Dominator transmission is made with a 2F torque converter. Like the C6 Stock, this transmission uses a stock pan and a two-wheel-drive slip yoke, and it doesn't use a hard input shaft.

The Dominator has stall speeds between 1, rpm and 2, rpm, however, and it uses an "R" Super Servo instead of the Stock servo in the Stock model. The Dominator is also a more powerful transmission as it has a horsepower rating of and a torque rating of nM. The Dominator Extreme version of the C6 transmission is more powerful than the Stock or Dominator models as it has a torque rating of nM and a horsepower rating of Unlike the previous C6 models, the Dominator Extreme doesn't have a torque converter but it does use a stock pan.

Like the Dominator transmission it uses an "R" Super Servo and like both previous versions it uses a two-wheel-drive slip yoke. The Dominator Extreme is the first of the three transmissions to use a hard input shaft. It has a horsepower rating of and a torque rating of nM.

The final C6 transmission manifestation was the Mega Dominator model, the most powerful transmission of the four.

It uses a 1, horsepower, 1, torque nM torque converter and it has stall speeds of between 2, rpm and 6, rpm. Like the Dominator Extreme, it uses a hard input shaft, but unlike any previous C6 model, it uses a 91 Ford racing cast aluminum pan and a two-wheel-drive, slip yoke or short bolt-on yoke type for its tail housing.

Its torque rating is nM and its horsepower rating is 1, rpm. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. C6 Transmission Specs by Jordan Whitehouse.

C6 Dominator Extreme Transmission Specifications The Dominator Extreme version of the C6 transmission is more powerful than the Stock or Dominator models as it has a torque rating of nM and a horsepower rating of C6 Mega Dominator Transmission Specifications The final C6 transmission manifestation was the Mega Dominator model, the most powerful transmission of the four. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.InFord introduced a beefy three-speed automatic transmission that was stuffed into anything that required a strong transmission including trucks, high-performance Mustangs, and sedans.

The Ford C6 transmission would go on to enjoy a year service life as Ford phased it out in to make room for overdrive versions of its big transmission line-up. Today, the C6 is still the go-to Blue Oval piece when you are looking to harness big horsepower. Credit the beefy guts and many aftermarket upgrades for the tough label.

There is a downside to Ford's beefy three-speed, though--it weighs a lot, causing the loss of valuable horsepower in order to turn the parts and pieces. That is changing, though, as CK Performance offers a hybrid C6 package that merges custom parts made in-house with specific C6 components, and certain pieces from the modern 4R electronic-overdrive sibling. The result is a unit capable of withstanding abuse, but one that also negates the power-robbing antics of the original C6 design.

He has pulled apart and inspected almost every iteration of the C6 since its inception. The transmission was in production for 30 years, so there were several running changes to fit different applications, improve designs, and, of course, implement cost-cutting measures. Kokonis has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as figured out which 4R components can easily transfer over without any issues. The final result is a rollerized C6 that prevents a switch to the GM TH or forcing the expensive swap to an electronic-controlled 4R transmission.

A stock C6 features a 2. A new wide-ratio gearset is installed providing a numerically greater First gear of 2. The higher First is a big help for those with a heavier car, as it makes the rear gear act larger without increasing the highway cruising rpm.

According to Kokonis the company uses stock input shafts for applications up to 1, hp. Pushing past that limit requires the CK Performance billet input shaft. Other standard modifications are stronger C6 planetary carriers. The new planetaries bring the transmission's rating to more than 2, hp, provided the input shaft has been swapped. Like all aftermarket transmission builds, the new clutch packs have better surface material and additional clutches for greater gripping power.

The thrust bearings in many of the rolling components are discarded in favor of needle bearings for less friction. There are many small details that are upgraded, and a few key elements caught our eye, like the modified parking pawl gear.

1000 hp c6 transmission

CK Performance machines it down to fit a needle bearing assembly instead of a thrust washer. The switch to a needle bearing prevents the case from getting beat up on deceleration. As the parking pawl gear accelerates, it pushes outward, which is fine until you left off the gas and go to decel. At that point, the input shaft puts a lot of pressure on the housing.

Beast Builds

The modified parking pawl prevents damage from the decel strains. The First and Reverse planetary gearset in a C6 features either a three- or four-pinion unit, each are made of aluminum.

That is tossed into the recycling bin and a super heavy-duty, six-pinion steel planetary gearset is used. The extra pinions help disperse the load and the steel material is far stronger than its aluminum counterpart. The Lincoln drum features a higher snap-ring groove allowing more clutches to be installed.

From the factory, the Lincoln drum uses four clutches, while the other Third-gear drums have three clutches. CK Performance fits six new high-performance clutches in the Lincoln drum for the ultimate in grip. The thinner high-performance clutches allow more room for stacking. As a side note, Kokonis runs stock thickness steel plates. Going to a thinner steel plate would allow for eight clutches, but the thinner plates don't absorb the heat well and burns the clutches. CK Performance also performs the usual ritual of upgrading the valvebody allowing for automatic shifting or manual action forward and reverse.No vacuum lines or kick-down components are required.

Complete unit comes with general installation instructions. Maximum HP Rating: Maximum Torque Rating Standard Gear Ratio: 2. Optional Gear Ratio: 2. What kind of transmission fluid should I use? Both of these fluids are natural Petrolium based. Both of these fluids contain zinc which is the primary additive for proper lubrication for high performance transmissions.

Ford Transmissions

We do not recomend synthetic transmission fluids. How much transmission fluid does my transmission take? The transmission and torque convertor can take anywhere from 9 to 13 quarts of fluid. Most of the fluid is contained in the torque convertor. After installation of the transmission and convertor is complete, pour quarts of transmission fluid into the transmission. Then place transmission into neutral, start engine, and quickly add transmission fluid until it reaches the full mark pan rail level on most applications on the dipstick.

Shift transmission into reverse and let run approximately 3 minutes. Running in reverse 3 minutes will give any contaminants in the transmission, converter, cooler or lines a chance to settle into the transmission pan and not be introduced to the automatic shift control part of the valve body or governor, causing the shift valves to stick.

For more details follow link. From a convenience stand point, most high performance automatic transmissions have the ability to be shifted manually or automatically. These torque converters have the ability to multiply the engines torque during the stall phase. A clutch on the other hand, simply is along for the ride by connecting the engines power to drive-line.

All converters also have a built-in fluid dampening feature. For the higher horsepower applications the automatic transmission and converter combination is more often than not more durable and reliable than the clutch and standard gear box combination. Join our newsletter:.

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